Web and App Design

Our team specializes in web design and development, WordPress development, and app development. We can create custom pages or teach you how to use WordPress to manage your page.

Drone Photography and Videos

Drone Videography

We can fly our drone and get custom videos or photos for you. In addition, we are able to edit movies for which ever platform you want to deliver on. This is a huge hit for our action adventurers.


Tech Consulting

Most companies don’t realize they need help in the IT department until it’s too late. We specialize in giving or developing systems to help your business grow. Whether it be business growth on the internet or automating systems to reduce work load, we can help.


Results for the Future

Our services have helped many small business see growth and find customers they weren’t able to reach through conventional methods. As the internet continues to grow, your business must be adaptable to reach more people by turning away traditional methods and embracing a new and unfamiliar terrain. Our team is comfortable operating in the unknown, and by working with us, you will too.

Case Study: True Strength Synergy

True Strength Synergy was having trouble expanding his business, especially with the younger community in El Paso, TX and requested our help. Over the course of a month we worked closely with TSS to understand his business goals and his current marketing plan. He had a very good start but needed help to grow even more.

We strategized a social media marketing campaign, revamped his web presence, and helped develop a system to weed out non-serious clients. He put the plan into action immediately. Within the first week TSS saw a 200% in customer inquiries.

After three months of continuing the plan, TSS increased their customer base by 100% and revenue by 137.5%.


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